How online interior design services works

Online interior design services

Benefit now from our online interior design services. To make sure there are no ambiguities concerning the costs on both sides, please provide us with the necessary details (Measurements, number of units to be served, desired outcome etc…) and we will assess the estimated time and costs. Online payment through PayPal is available.

Free services

We have Free services like our library section which includes researches, resources and you get a free color consultation by registering.

How online interior design services work ?

If you need consultation for just one room, you can simply go to Shop and order your consultation and we will get back to you with room 3D design and detailed consutlation and materials to use within average of 10 days depends on the compleixity of your consultation.

If you want to order for a complete Apartment, Villa, Store You don’t have to pay the full price all at once. You will fill the form in the Shop Page and send us the detailes of each room, then you will get back to you with a whole disounted quota, where you can pay using the shop page. You can pay as you Go ( you pay for a room at a time, then we move to next room )

There are easy payment plans to make sure you get what you want, It is split up into a deposit of 25% paid online, 50% paid after the initial consultation and the final 25% after having accepted the provided service. Please take advantage of the CONTACT US option below if you have any more questions regarding payment.