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why healthy

Why Healthy Interior Design ?

Why Healthy Interior Design  promotes health, wellness and positive energy ?. Your home is not just a place to eat sleep and drink, it is a place to recharge, to lean back after a busy day, a place to simply feel good. Both mental and physical well-being can in fact be significantly influenced by home interiors, something that is all too often overlooked by people.

Think about it, the building you are living in might possibly harm your health! dangers like VOCs from carpets, wall paints and furniture have been closely linked to a large number of health issues including allergies and asthma. Both materials and finishes used for construction can contribute to the mentioned health conditions. So take action! Don’t let your home be a hazard to you and your family, instead of the safe heaven it is supposed to be.

Our homes are more like our ‘home-bases’, places we return to, places we feel good at. But it’s not just about adding some nice decoration and adding a few plants. It’s about changing interior design to actually improve our HEALTH, WELL-BEING and thereby our LIFE in general.

A lot of products have made it into the market without actual testing for indoor air pollution. That’s why they spread harmful pollutants into the indoor air your family breathes without knowing about it.

If your mental or physical health is suffering, it’s harder to care about yourself, kids and family. Being healthy and relaxed is directly related to your indoor home environment.

What authorities are saying?

World Health Organization – Switzerland , Fact sheet no.292, 2005 :“3.8 million premature deaths annually from noncommunicable diseases including stroke, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer are attributed to exposure to household air pollution”.

Records of the World Health Organization, no.2, adopted by the international health conference, New York, 1946: “Health is a case of completeness of physical, mental and social welfare”.

Institute of Environmental Research and Science – Egypt Journal of environmental science, limited edition, vol.1, 2007: “A lot of modern buildings today create dangerous indoor environments, which is called “sick building syndrome”, For example, using air conditioning systems frequently leads to the spread of fungus. Sealed buildings also trap volatile organic compounds which emits from furniture, carpets and wall paints. Long term exposure to volatile organic compounds could increase the possibility for cancer or imbalance in the immune system”.